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Backed by 20+ years of solid science and used by professional detailers and car enthusiasts from around the globe, Pearl Eco Car Care products are revolutionizing the way we clean, polish & protect our vehicles. We are on a constant quest to develop the latest products that will help you clean faster, better and with the most impressive results. Now you can wash, wax and protect your vehicle, virtually anywhere, anytime without soap & water! No Hassle, No Mess, No Harmful Chemicals. Use our waterless car wash products on wet or dry surfaces, in or out of direct sunlight, and in hot or cold climates. This “detailer approved & environmentally friendly” product-line is finally available in America! Locate an authorized PearlUSA distributor for a live demonstration or order a Pearl 4-Pack of Pearl Waterless Car Wash products at our online store. We are here to help you.

See our products on – An 8oz bottle of concentrate makes 3 x 32oz bottles of ready to use for the price of one bottle.

Location: Our world-class product manufacturing facilities are located in the United Kingdom. We have been in business for almost 20 years and have sold products in 100+ countries. Together with our team of UK engineers, we strictly control what goes into each one of our formulation’s. This is the very highest quality of high-performance / environmentally-friendly car care products in the world. Our goal is to exceed your every expectation and completely amaze you every time you clean your car. Please let us know if we succeeded at this goal. We would love to hear your feedback and experience with the Pearl products.

Our two waterless car wash products (Pearl Advanced Ultra Nano & Professional), Universal Cleaner and the Eco Tire Shine are water-based and very easy to work with. These high-tech formulations are extremely tough on dirt but gentle on surfaces, while remaining safe for the environment. Create Maximum Shine in Minimum Time for a premium showroom finish. Subscribe to our Pearl USA Newsletter to get more information, special pricing and up to date tutorials on each of the products.
What we bring to the table: Total performance versatility. All Pearl cleaning & detailing products are reliably unique and can be used to clean and polish more than just cars. You can use them to clean marble, glass, plastic and metal while in the office, around the house or maintaining your boat. As an example, the Universal Cleaner can be used to clean bugs off the front-end of the vehicle, remove the grime from the roof of an RV or take stains out of upholstery. The Eco Tire Shine can clean and shine a tire plus polish the dashboard and black trim. Gone are the days of needing 20+ products to clean a car. Now you can do a better job with only 2-4 products and a few microfiber towels.

How does the Waterless Car Wash work? Just simply spray on, gently rub in, wipe off and buff to a brilliant, instant shine. Our unique scratch-free Pearl® waterless cleaning chemistry dissolves, releases and suspends dirt from paintwork, glass, plastic, fabrics, metal, rubber, leather, alloy and chrome surfaces. A soft microfiber cloth pulls the dirt into the fibers, trapping them in the cloth and a second soft, microfiber cloth buffs the surface into an unrivalled and beautiful shine.

Is it Green? As you may know, there are complicated environmental laws & regulations regarding the use of chemicals in private use & professional cleaning operations. We are seeing a rapid increase of retail and professional customers switching to a Waterless “Green” Product to clean their vehicles. These Waterless “Green” cleaning solutions do not require an investment in chemical capture devices or water recycling facilities, as demanded by the environmental compliance authorities. There are regions of the USA where the use of water for private and commercial cleaning is restricted or banned outright. We have the solution to this problem.

Why Pearl? Americans are rapidly moving away from the traditional “soap & water” cleaning, and adopting a waterless style of cleaning. At Pearl USA, we are seeing tremendous growth in the waterless car wash industry & car cleaning business sector. We are here to provide a high quality, waterless cleaning and detailing products that you can use on your vehicles, homes, offices and even solar panels. Thank you for giving Pearl products a place in your life. -Craig, Rob, Brandy & Dave

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